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My nails are too long,
I cut my nails.

The food is spicy,
I drink water,

The food is bland,
I add salt.

The food is salty,
I drink water.
I drink water.

The food needs flavour,
I add hot sauce.

I am hungry,
I eat.

I’m sick.
I wished I wasn’t sick.

I fell and broke my leg,
I cried.
I cried.

I am full,
I don’t eat.

I am hungry,
I appreciate food.

My grandpa died.
I cry.

I am full,
I neglect food

I’m healthy,
I forget what it’s like to be sick.

I can walk.
I forget what it’s like to have no legs

I got a new toy,
I’m happy.
I’m happy.

My friend died,
I cry.

My new toy broke,
I cry.

I am fearful,
So I work harder.

I get back on top,
I forget what it’s like to be fearful.

They are coming to kill me,
I run.

It’s been 3 months since they tried to kill me,
I’ve forgotten what its like to run.

Today they tried to kill me,
I ran.

I work hard,
because if I don’t, I feel bad

I work hard,
and I still feel bad.



released February 10, 2017

Poems: Voukefalas
Artwork: Snowhite

Website text: therealit


all rights reserved



IAVVV Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Louitzi

Where are you Louitzi? Where are you?

Love is the remedy, Louitzi. Remedy for your soul. The soul, Louitzi.

Like the Indians say, Louitzi "The soul would have no rainbow, if the eyes

had no tears".

You're young, Louitzi. You're young.

You know nothing. That's good, Louitzi. That's a good thing.

Love Louitzi. Love will find you.

"Love will tear us apart"

Have you told your mother, Louitzi?

Does your mother know you need love, Louitzi?

Whisper! Tell me your fears, Louitzi. What are you afraid of, sweet child?

Are you afraid Louitzi? Whisper whisper whisper!

What are hiding now Loutzi? Speak child. For The Lord's shake!

What is your fear today Louitzi?

So, you are afraid to lose, Louitzi. You are a common child. Common

children are the best, Louitzi.

Rejection is a true feeling, Louitzi.

Everybody feels it.

"Cause everybody hurts. Sometimes"

You have to accept the truth, Louitzi.

-The truth above us-

Thanks for the inspiration Louitzi.

Track Name: Common Sense
Common Sense

Looking from behind
Checking out the human kind
Makes me wanna go inside
Kill myself and hide

Swearing at my birth
Struggling for some breathe
Hope seems like quick death
Alibi from hell

Praise the living-dead
Praise the living-dead
Praise the living-dead
Praise the living-dead

Closed into the cell
Of the broken clocks
See your life
It sucks, has stopped!
See yourself, you look so small!

What are you gonna do about that?
When did you ever do?
Nothing compares to you, you’re my hero !
You know, you make me sick, I wanna kill you!

Praise the living-dead! You’re the living dead
Praise the living-dead! You’re the living dead
Praise the living-dead! You’re the living dead
Praise the living-dead , Praise the living-dead,

..cause they're happy


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